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Activities in
The Azores

View Over Crater Lake, Sete Citades, San Miguel, Azores Islands, Portugal, Atlantic
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Crater Lake, Sete Citades,
Sao Miguel, Azores Islands


Activies in the Azores

Q: What can you do in The Azores?

A: The Azores islands offers a wealth of activities to do and natural wonders to see. They are best known for: Amazing Walking, Nature and natural sites, Whale and dolphin Watching, Diving, Volcanology, cycling and golf.

This Azores activities page gives you a flavour of whats available around the Islands and we have added links to some of the best sites we have found on the web so you can access additional information.

Once again in our travels we pretty much tried the full range of activities available and can safely say that the islands won't dissapoint.

Azores Whalewatching

The Azores Islands- Whale Watching

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Images of
The Azores

Algar Do Carvao Caves, Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal, Europe
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Hotels in
The Azores

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Activities in The Azores.
Azores Walking

All the Azores Islands Offer excellent walks. The Pick of the bunch for us though were: 1. Flores, 2. Sao Jorge, 3. Pico and 4. Sao Miguel.

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No.1 Walking Link:
Trails Azores
Azores Whale Watching

We worked for a Whale and Dolphin Watching Company in Faial for 5 months, and can confirm that The Azores are an brilliant destination for seing these amazing creatures.
Most islands have operators, though our picks are: 1. Faial, 2. Pico, and 3. Sao Miguel.

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Azores Diving

Due to Asthma, Diving was one of the activities that We were not able to do. however we met many people who had been out and raved about the diving that they had done.

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Azores Golf

For the Golfers amounst you, I cannot think of anything better than a tour of the Azores with a few rounds of Golf. Only two of the Azores Islands have courses; Sao Miguel and Terceira, but the courses will certainly challenge and the views will keep you relaxed when you hit a wayward shot.

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Caving in The Azores

The Azores are unique for its caves and natural volcanic scenery. Many of the Islands now cater for the adventurous tourist who wants to venture underground, in some shape or form. For us, Terciera, Graciosa, Pico and Sao Miguel came up tops.

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Other Activities

Mountain Climbing
Quad Bike tours
Wind Surfing
Sea Fishing

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