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View Over Crater Lake, Sete Citades, San Miguel, Azores Islands, Portugal, Atlantic
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Crater Lake, Sete Citades,
Sao Miguel, Azores Islands


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Q: What is the best way to get to and around the islands of the Azores?

A: For the majority the quickest and easiest route is generaaly by plane. For the less time-contious then you can either ferry, cruise or sail, the latter provides a fantastic way to travel around these Islands.

This page on our Azores site details a small amount of information as well as links, hints and tips on travelling by air to and around the islands.

Throughout our time in The Azores we used all forms of island and inter island travel and for us flying was in some parts the most enjoyable and exciting of our travel time. See our Corvo Adventure.

NOTE: If you are short of time then pre-booking your flights before you travel is advised.

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Sete Cidades Village with Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Verde, Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal Buy This

Bottlenose Dolphins, Tursiops Truncatus Buy This

Harbour and Town of Horta, Faial Island, Azores, Portugal Buy This

Two Dolphins Buy This

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