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The Azores Hints and Tips. Things you should know before you travel.

Q: Is there anything I should be aware of before travelling to The Azores?

A: That depends on "when you travel", "the Island/s you are travelling to", as well as "your style of travel whether independent or tour operator". General things we believe you should be aware of are highlighted below.

The Azores are still quite a new Tourist destination and as such we found that travelling independently within the Azores could often be testing, more so if you are short on time and on a budget. But for the independent traveller that is all part of the adventure.

Having said this, things have improved greatly over the last few years and as long as you are aware of any possible shortfalls beforehand, your'll have a brilliant time.

Overall for us we found The Azores to be rich in scenic beauty and culture, peacefull and quite, with a range of unique attractions, qualities and adventures rearly found in the rest of Europe or to that matter the rest of the world.

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The Azores - Hints and tips for each islands.

General Hints and Tips for all islands - The Azores

  • The Azores are not a beach or party holiday destination. They are havens for relaxation; walking, from gentle strolls to mountain hikes; rock pool swimming and snorkeling; whale watching; deep sea fishing; scuba diving; cycling; golf; and perhaps of particular note - they are safe and friendly.

  • AZOREAN FESTIVALS - Make sure you know when the Azores Festivals are taking place. Most shops will shut on these days. Azorean festivals occur on all the islands and provide unique Azorean and European entertainment for all the families in the islands. Of particular note: Sea Week on Faial. Make sure you visit during a festival.

  • CAR HIRE - If travelling to the Azores in peak season make sure you book your car hire. in advance. A must for the smaller islands.

  • BE RELAXED - When travelling in the Azores, make sure your early, and expect to wait. Life is relaxed here. relax with them.

  • WEATHER - Be prepared for all weather in the Azores, and you won't get caught out.

  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT - On the smaller islands public transport is not geared towards the tourist. So getting around can be difficult or too time consuming without car hire or a taxi.

  • CAMPING - There are camping sites on all the Azores islands, though many are only open in the peak season, and can be difficult to get to without transport. Standards vary considerably. Expect basic and you will never be disappointed. We camped on all the islands and loved every minute. Our Fav. Flores - Faja Grande.

  • WINTER - Sao Miguel offers the best of everything during the winter months as tourism on the other Azores islands is slow and you will find things even quieter. Keep a look out for excellent week long winter offers to the Azores.

  • WALKING - Make sure before you set off that the trail that you want to walk is open. A number of the Azores walking trails are very close to the cliffs and are occassionaly closed for safety reasons. See our Santa Maria Adventure for other reasons!

  • TOURIST OFFICE - With the exception of Corvo, all islands have a local Tourist Office, who should be able to help with any questions you have. Things can change quickly in the Azores so we recommend a visit when you arrive on each Island. Be patient.

Sao Miguel Tips The Azores - Yes accommodation

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Sao Miguel - TOP 5 - to do

Ponta Delgada Tourist Office
Avenido do Infante Dom Henrique
9500-150 Ponta Delgada
T: 296285743 E:
Faial Tips The Azores - Yes accommodation

1. Don't be alarmed when you here a loud siren. This is probably the call out alarm for the local firemen. It is loud and goes on for a few minutes.

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Faial TOP 5 - to do

Faial Tourist Office
Rua Vasco da Gama
Ilha do Faial
9900-117 Horta
T: 292292237
Flores Tips The Azores - Yes accommodation

1. Book Car Hire in advance

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Flores TOP 5 - to do

Flores Tourist Office
Rua Dr. Armas da Silveira
9970-331 Santa Cruz das Flores
T: 292592369
Pico Tips The Azores - Yes accommodation

1. Do not climb Pico on your own, unless Experienced Mountain climbers.

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Pico TOP 5 - to do

Pico Tourist Office
Gare Maritima da Madalena
9950 Madalena
T: 292623524
Sao Jorge Tips The Azores - Yes accommodation

1. Book Car Hire in advance
2. Check to make sure walking trails are open.

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Sao Jorge TOP 5 - to do

Sao Jorge Tourist Office
Vila das Velas
Rua Conselheiro Dr. Jos� Pereira
9800-530 Velas
9800-530 Ilha de S�o Jorge
T: 295412440
Graciosa Tips The Azores - Yes accommodation

1. Book Car Hire in advance

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Graciosa TOP 5 - to do

Ilha Graciosa Tourist Office
Rua Castilho, 7
9880-353 Santa Cruz da Graciosa
T: 295712509
Terceira Tips The Azores - Yes accommodation

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Terceira TOP 5 - to do

Tourist Office
Ilha Terceira
Rua Direita, 70/74
9700-066 Angra do Hero�smo
T: 295213393

Santa Maria Tips The Azores - Yes accommodation

1. Check to make sure walking trails are open.

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Santa Maria TOP 5 - to do

Santa Maria Tourist Office
Santa Maria Airport
Apartado 560
9580 Vila do Porto
Ilha de Santa Maria
T: 296886355
Corvo Tips The Azores - Yes accommodation

1. Visit Corvo on a calm and sunny day.
2. Make sure you ask what type of boat will be used.
3. If camping on Corvo, choose your spot carefully.
4. Book accommodation early

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