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The Azores

View Over Crater Lake, Sete Citades, San Miguel, Azores Islands, Portugal, Atlantic
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Crater Lake, Sete Citades,
Sao Miguel, Azores Islands


The Azores - Top 5 things to do on each island.

Each of the Azores islands is unique and each offers a range of attractions and activities that will keep all visitors content and wanting a little bit more.

Following on from our top 10 of the Azores, this page highlights what we believe are the top 5 to do on each island. They are our personal favourites from our travels.

It is worth noting that we did not see everything and there is much much more to explore and other things to do. This is just a taster of what awaits you, when you visit these beautiful islands.

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The Azores

View Over Crater Lake, Sete Citades, San Miguel, Azores Islands, Portugal, Atlantic
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The Azores - Nine Islands of adventure - Our Top 5 of each Island.
Sao Miguel Azores Top 5
  1. Sete Cidades
  2. Lagoa do Fogo
  3. Terra Nostra Gardens
  4. Furnas - Hot Spings
  5. Golf
Faial The Azores Top 5
  1. Capelinhos
  2. Calderia
  3. Horta harbour
  4. Whale and Dolphin Watching
  5. Cycle ride around the Island
Flores The Azores Top 5
  1. West Coast Walk
  2. Faja Grande
  3. Ferry to Corvo
  4. Sea Kayaking
  5. Snorkling in rock pools
Pico The Azores Top 5
  1. Climb Mount Pico
  2. Whale museums
  3. Volcanic Caves
  4. Pico Wine
  5. Central Ridge
Sao Jorge Azores Top 5
  1. Fantastic Walking
  2. Santo Cristo and Faja dos Cubres
  3. Ridge walk with Pico da Esperanca
  4. Sete Fontes
  5. Sao Jorge cheese.
Graciosa The Azores Top 5
  1. Furna do Enxofre
  2. Pico Timao
  3. Thermal baths
  4. Car hire around the island
  5. Graciosa Cakes
Terceira The Azores top 5
  1. Angra do Heroismo
  2. Monte Brasil
  3. Gruta do Natal
  4. Algar do Carv�o
  5. Serra de Santa Barbara
Santa Maria Azores Top 5
  1. Walks
  2. Baia da Praia nature reserve
  3. Praia Formosa - Beach
  4. Pico Alto
  5. Ferry ride from Sao Miguel
Corvo The Azores Top 5
  1. Walk to the Calderia
  2. Boat trip from Flores
  3. Monte Grosso
  4. Vila Nova do Corvo
  5. Flight out of Corvo
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