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The Azores

The Azores Islands
All nine unique Azorean islands

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"Authentic, unspoiled and diverse". The Azores are a unique, environmentally friendly and undiscovered archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean.

1,500 km from Lisbon, The Azores are a stunning and wondrous destination that provides equally well for those looking for peace, relaxation and culture, as well as those more active amoungst you searching for something a little adventurous or unusual.

We spent 6 months in The Azores working and exploring all nine islands and found a brilliant mix of relaxation and adventure, with whale and dolphin watching, cycling and walking. Culture, friendly locals etc. as well as caving, mountain climbing, and windsurfing.

On this page we bring you the best of the Azores on Video. We hope you enjoy them. Some are ours and others we have searched for, but all we hope you agree show the beauty of the Azores, which we hope you will one day find yourself.

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The Azores Islands
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The Azores

Sete Cidades Village with Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Verde, Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal Buy This

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The Azores - The best videos on the Internet.

The Azores islands - are you curious about them? Are you thinking about visiting these amazing islands, perhaps as an independent traveller? Are you adventurous individual/s, always wondering what you might discover around the next corner? Then you with The Azores you have found the destination that will take your breath away every corner you turn and hill you climb.

The following video, provided kindly by the Associacao turismo dos acores convention and visitors bureau, is without a doubt the best promotional video on The Azores we have come across.

Length = 14 minutes

You can find some of our Azores Island videos and other videos found on the web below. Enjoy.

The Best Azores Video Ever made.
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Sao Miguel Video

Faial Video
Flores Video
Pico Video
Sao Jorge Video
Graciosa Video
Terceira Video
Santa Maria Video
Corvo Video
The Azores - Nine Islands of adventure - Our stories
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left button TERCEIRA - World Heritage site left button GRACIOSA - Remoter than you think
left button SANTA MARIA - A weekend getaway

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