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Corvo - The Azores

With only one tiny settlement (Vila Nova do Corvo) and a population of around 400, Corvo is by far the smallest (6.5 km long and 4 km wide) and remotest island in the Azores, providing an almost forgotten world that isolation seems to have preserved.

While the white rows of houses nestle on the hillside next to the sea, six kilometres uphill from the village, is a vast (300m deep and 2 km wide) green, volcanic crater from which the island was formed. The crater is reached by a lovely but sometimes tiring three hour uphill walk (or easy taxi ride if you are just visiting for the day) and on sunny days affords wonderful views of green pastures, the oceans and Flores to the south.

If you are able to visit Corvo you will become one of the fortunate few that discover a small isolated population that continues old traditions, some of them centuries old. The views and atmosphere are certain to stay with you forever. As there is very little on Corvo, for most a day trip from Flores is ample, though if you have the time then we would recommend a short stay and a flight back to civilization. if you can pull yourself away that is.

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Corvo The Azores Islands

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Fast Facts


  • Corvo means "The Raven".
  • Corvo was discovered along with Flores in 1452, although new research (G. Menzies;1421) suggests, it was discovered much earlier by the Chinese, who left a strange statue of a man on horseback on the summit of the island.
  • Formed by consecutive layers of volcanic lava and pyroclects, Corvo is surrounded by the highest cliffs in the archipelago, rising up to 700m on the west coast.
  • Being just 6.5 km long, 4 km at its widest and with a total land area of only 17.45 sq. km, Corvo is the smallest island in the archipelago.
  • With over 50% of the island classified as a Natura 2000 Site, Corvo is rich in endemic fauna and flora.
  • With approximately 400 inhabitants which accounts for 0.18% of the population of the archipelago, Corvo is the least populated Azorean island.
  • There is one small settlement - Vila Nova.
  • The highest point, Monte Grosso - which reaches 770 m, is part of the vast green, volcanic crater that dominates the landscape.
  • The volcanic crater is 2 km wide and has a depth of 300m.
  • Main economic activities include fishing, agriculture and cattle-breeding.

  • The boat trip from Flores to Corvo
  • A 3 hour walk up to the Caldeirao and Monte Grosso
  • A walk around the settlement of Vila Nova
  • Experiencing a quite unique island
  • The flight out of Corvo

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