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The Azores

Cattle, Fields and Small Village on the Island of Flores in the Azores, Portugal, Atlantic, Europe

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Flores, Azores Islands


Flores - The Azores [Our Favourite Azores Island]

Flores, at the westernmost extremity of Europe, is not easy to get to (particularly in the winter months), however if you are looking to find a truly peaceful and natural place on this earth, then this beautiful island, which is only 17 km long and 12.5 km at its widest, incorporates everything you will be looking for.

With mystical lakes, magnificent landscapes, lush vegetation (including an abundance of colourful hydrangea hedgerows), mesmerizing waterfalls that tumble hundreds of feet down shear cliff tops, and a variety of wildlife, Flores is an island like no other. No words can truly describe what awaits you, but if you are blessed with kind weather, then it is safe to say that the memories will stay with you forever.

Highlights: - Faj´┐Ż Grande, the western most village in Europe is just spellbinding, The west coast walk "is" the best walk in the Azores. The scenic moorland and inland lakes are also breathtaking. Check out our Flores adventure and our recommended things to do on this beautiful island.

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Flores The Azores Islands

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Cattle, Fields and Small Village on the Island of Flores in the Azores, Portugal, Atlantic, Europe
Cattle, Fields and Small Village on the Island of Flores in the Azores, Portugal, Atlantic, Europe
Lomax, David
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Fast Facts

  • Flores is the westernmost extremity of Europe.
  • The west coast path is reportedly the oldest trail/path in the archipelago, and arguably the most stunning one.
  • Flores get its name from abundance of the flowers that grow throughout the island.
  • Flores is 17 km long, 12.5 km at its widest, with a total land area of 143 sq. km.
  • The highest point (Morro Alto) reaches 914m while the surrounding central plateau averages 500 m to 600 m.
  • With just over 4,000 inhabitants Flores accounts for approximately 1.4% of the population of the archipelago.
  • The Isle of Monchique is the most westerly European landmass of Europe.
  • Faja Grande is the westernmost village of Europe.

  • The best Hiking/walking in The Azores
  • Take a 3.5 hour boat trip around the island;
  • Hire a car or taxi, and do a tour of the island. (if you want to hire a car need to book early)
  • Diving and snorkling
  • Whale-watching,
  • Swimming in the natural pools
  • Visit neighboring island of Corvo (approximately 45 minutes by a boat)

What others have said about Flores...
"An island of incomparable beauty, due to its geographical form, and jagged terrain."
REF:- http://www.destinazores.com/

"With its semi-tropical landscape, Flores is reputed to be the most beautiful island of the archipelago"
REF:- http://www.azoreschoice.com/

"In visiting Flores you will discover the true pleasure of nature in its purest form. Not since New Zealand have I seen nature and scenery as beautiful.
Sean: AzoreanAdventures.com

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