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The Azores

Landscape, Pico, Azores Islands, Portugal, Atlantic

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Pico Landscape, Azores Islands


Pico - The Azores

The mountainous island of Pico, situated in the Central Group, only 8km away from Faial and 15km from Sao Jorge, is the second largest island in the archipelago (42km long and 15km wide, surface area 447km2). At 2351m/771ft, Pico possesses the highest mountain in the Azores and Portugal. The dramatic volcanic cone dominates the horizon, and for those adventurous enough to hike up, it offers the most spectacular vistas found anywhere in the archipelago.

The western parts of the island show evidence of previous lava flows that reached out to the sea. The central ridge offers interesting moorland scenery and vistas together with the lakes of Capit�o, Caiado, and Pa�l. Throughout dry-stone walls of black volcanic rock abound, giving shelter to the many vines that are grown. Pico was the centre for whaling till its ban in 1987, and the island's museums should be visited to fully understand the history of the island and its people.

There are a number of interesting festivals, activities and sites to see and visit on Pico, for us however one of our main goals while in the Azores was to climb, and if weather permitted, to camp on the summit of Pico. We were not to be dissappointed. Azores - Pico - Mountain climb

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Pico The Azores Islands

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Fast Facts

  • Pico is dominated by its mountain.
  • At 2351m/771ft, the volcanic mountain is the highest mountain in the Azores as well as in Portugal.
  • Pico, at 42km length and 15km width, with a surface area of 447km2, is the second largest island in the archipelago.
  • With approximately 14,500 inhabitants, Pico accounts for approximately 6% of the population of the archipelago.
  • The main town is Madalena.
  • Pico is part of the central island group with daily ferry crossings to Faial and Sao Jorge.
  • Main economic activities include dairy farming and whale watching.

  • Some lovely Hiking/walking in The Azores
  • Climb Mt. Pico (and stay overnight, if time and weather permitting);
  • Hire a car or taxi, and do a tour of the island. (book car hire before leaving home)
  • Diving and snorkling
  • Whale-watching
  • Swimming in the natural pools
  • Gruta das Torres - a cave that opened for the public in 2006.
  • Visit neighboring islands of Faial (30mins by ferry) or Sao Jorge (45mins by ferry)

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